Chemical formula: O2. It is a colorless and odorless gas. Oxygen is the most common elemental form with a melting point of -218.4 ° C and a boiling point of -183 ° C. It is not easily soluble in water, and dissolves about 30mL of oxygen in 1L of water. In the air, oxygen accounts for about 21%. We breathe air to get oxygen, which is a necessary condition for all life processes.

  • Production Introduction
  • Specific Applications
  • Supply Methods

SCGC supplies customers with oxygen and liquid oxygen. See the table below for details.

Name Purity
Oxygen Ultra high purity>99.999%
Oxygen High purity>99.5%
Oxygen Low purity>90%
Liquid oxygen >99.5%

SCGC will develop oxygen products according to your needs. Please contact us to customize your oxygen supply solutions.

Welding;Cutting;Oil Refining;Papermaking;

Laboratory;Aerospace;Metallurgical Chemicals

Sewage Treatment;Oxy-fuel Combustion;

Oxygen-enriched Combustion;Aquaculture;

Glass Blowing;Medical Care;

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Food.

Cylinders: For applications where oxygen is used in small amounts, SCGC can supply customers with oxygen in high-pressure cylinders.

Liquid Oxygen Tankers: SCGC provides a bulk liquid oxygen supply system according to customers’ needs, which can meet various oxygen purity requirements.

On-site Gases Production:

Air Separation Cryogenic Units: Air separation units of SCGC can supply high-purity oxygen 24 hours a day without any investment from customers. It only needs you to provide your demand, land, water and electricity. SCGC can build your own gas factory according to your demand.

Vacuum Pressure Swing Absorption (VPSA) / Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA): VPSA/PSA oxygen generators of SCGC can significantly reduce energy consumption for customers, provide installation and maintenance, and is more suitable for those customers who need less-purified oxygen with large amounts.

If you are not sure which method is more suitable for you, please contact us and we will design solution for your specific operational needs.

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