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Shanghai Chinllenge Gases Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “SCGC”) has experienced more than ten years of growth and is now entering a stage of rapid development. The gas factories of SCGC are distributed in more than ten provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and overseas. The current business models include diversified operation and development, changing from mainly on-site gases production to combining on-site gases production, centralized pipeline gases supply and gases retail business to provide overall solutions and quality services for customers.

At the same time, SCGC has also started the development process of grouping and globalization. In addition to the branches in various places, SCGC has established a number of holding subsidiaries at home and abroad.

In order to adapt to the company’s development, display the brand image of SCGC and improve user experience, SCGC carries out overall upgrade of the domain name and website content. From now on, SCGC’s new official website will be upgraded to You are warmly welcomed to visit our website! If you have any business question, please get in touch with us through 4006065197.

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