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Shanghai Chinllenge Gases CO., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as “SCGC”) has been issued three AAA certificatesand an honorary bronze medal for 2016-2017 Contract Credit Rating by Shanghai ContractCredit Promotion Commission in August, 2018.

The evaluation ofcontract credit aims to prove that SCGC has a good record in contractsexecution. Since 2010, SCGC has been awarded by Shanghai Contract CreditPromotion Commission every year and rated as AAA for many years. It indicates thatSCGC’s strong management of contracts and credits, the construction ofcorporate credit system and the positive image of corporate integrity have beenapproved by relevant departments.

With the core value of “integrity and excellence”,SCGC will continue to uphold the spirit of contract, be honest and trustworthy,operate legally, and contribute to building a good market environment forintegrity management.

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