Chairman’s Words

Dear boys and girls,

During graduation season, you will face another major decision in your life.

China’s economy today presents a prosperous scene that has never appeared in modern times. The current social form is also rapidly changing. This is the best era but also the worst.

Internet and high technology accompany you to grow up, and the advice you get presents a geometric growth compared to your parents’, which also provides you with more complex choices.

Stepping into the society from campus is the second turning point in life. Life is nothing more than two main themes of career and life. They are two inseparable and mutually influential dimensions. What kind of career you choose determines your lifestyle. Insipid or vigorous life are both available for you. Which one would you choose?

SCGC is a professional gases company with a global vision. Our products and service are spread all over China as well as North and South America. We are constantly pursuing excellence and believe that integrity is the foundation of our value. Innovation will change the future and make Chinese companies go global. It is our dream to let the world know China and the Chinese again. If you are also full of passion and determined to create a future for national brands, we welcome you with open arms and expect you to be a facilitator for the world to understand China.

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